Open Space Technology Facilitation

Conducted either in-person or virtually, OST meetings work within a carefully selected theme, clearly define ‘givens’ or non-negotiables and sanctioned authority to create ‘open space’ for participant determined agenda items and content. Passion, creativity, energy and resourcefulness are unleashed in a fashion not seen with most other meeting methods.

Participants may experience:

  • Rekindled passion for work, colleagues and customers.
  • Business conducted in ways that are fun, spontaneous, unconstrained and energized.
  • Simple insights to complex problems and situations.
  • Self-determinism and self-organizing that is authentically empowering and energizing.
  • The opportunity to take risks and experiment, free from the constraints of formal organizational structures.
    No place to hide! Without the usual organizational structures, personal accountability emerges because finger-pointing doesn’t work.
  • Awareness of oneself, others and the organization that is not visible during ‘business as usual’.
    A flow of energy in the moment, in dynamic interaction with others, that leads to maximum creativity and innovation.