Meeting Facilitation

The meeting methods we use have a proven record of results and:s

  • are experiential and highly participative;
  • are versatile enough to handle any situation;
  • include groups that range in size from a few to hundreds;
  • last from a few hours to several days;
  • create the conditions for a group or organization to benefit from the individual and collective wisdom of the participants;
  • make it apparent when the collective wisdom has been tapped.

The meeting methods we offer include:

Vital and Inspired Facilitation

Where learning and progress is maximized by tapping into whole person and collective energies: multiple intelligences, intuition, myriad learning styles, left and right brain integration and vital energy

Open Space Technology

A highly participative process appropriate for larger groups of people. Participants create their own agenda, self-organize during the meeting, and follow their passions and interests.

World Cafe

Another highly participative process for large or small groups. This method is more structured than OST, and is good for stimulating energy and creating connections

The types of meetings we facilitate include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Learning Design
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Any general purpose meeting

To inquire about my meeting facilitation or to schedule our services, send an email here. Please include the type of facilitation you are interested in and the general timing of your needs.


The workshops we provide are non-traditional, experiential and virtual (if need be) for corporations, non-profits, universities and individuals. Our core workshop offerings include:

These workshops are part of the Individual Awareness Map body of work, also known as IAM.

Find out more about our corporate IAM workshop offerings here.

Find out more about our public online IAM learning resources and coaching programs here.

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Individual Awareness Map (IAM)

The IAM combination of services (consulting, coaching, facilitation, workshops and online learning) was developed in total to create shifts from the Scarcity Economy to the Abundance Economy.

The IAM offerings are described in general on our corporate Individual Awareness Map website. We describe our consulting in the context of our other offerings here. And we describe how to get started with consulting here.