All of my coaching includes guidance using a powerful approach that I’ve developed with my Associates called the IAM Way. The the IAM Way gives you a learning process which you can use and repeat on your own. The approach applies equally well to both personal and professional learning, growth and evolution.

The IAM Way website documents the approaches, strategies and tools I use in my coaching and consulting. I no longer have a client area on this website. I DO have an area for clients ONLY on The IAM Way website. You’ll have access to this client area long after coaching is complete.

Learn more about the coaching packages I offer at The IAM Way Shop IAM or read on here for more information. You can book coaching with me from right here!

Individual Coaching…

allows you to personalize and customize your coaching goals and agenda. Conversations are private, personal, and practical. You choose the content of the coaching conversation and the pace. The format is either 3 forty minute conversations or 2 one-hour conversations per month or we can arrange hourly conversations as needed.

Our conversations can focus on:

  • Career Coaching – helping you determine the right career path, career goals, and career choices for you.
  • Career Transition – deciding if exiting the corporate world is the right choice, and making the transition to self-employment.
  • Relationship Support – creating supportive and healthy relationships that allow you to create exactly what you want in your work and life.
  • Stress Relief – finding ways to overcome overwhelm, drama and what one of my client likes to call ‘the crazies’ finding new reservoirs of creativity and energy in the process.

Coaching is conducted either in-person or on the phone. My home office is located at 207 River Birch Lane, Chapel Hill NC.

Coaching starts in a monthly format, for between 2 – 3 months or more at a rate of $300/month. This structure allows you to establish a habit of reflection and a learning process that works for you.

From this point, Karen likes to switch to ad hoc coaching where you schedule sessions as needed and pay on a donation basis.

If you’d like a more structured approach to your coaching, checkout the IAM Happy at Work! package here.

Executive Coaching…

is personal and professional, within the context of a business need and includes:

  • Leadership Development – supporting you in being a personal leader AND an organizational leader, especially preparing top talent for promotions and greater responsibility.
  • Executive Support – linking personal leadership and excellence with organizational development and performance.

Find out more about my executive coaching here.

Corporate Consulting…

is designed to create learning that supports strategic business initiatives.

We have developed several corporate coaching workshops including:

  • Focusing on the Essential
  • IAM Happy at Work!
  • Personal Everyday Leadership
  • Essential Everyday Communication
  • Coaching the Essential
  • Organizational Performance Leadership
  • Leading Employee Development
  • Remembering and Embodying your Essential Best
  • To Coach or To Manage
  • Common Issues in Coaching Managers
  • Teamwork in Diverse Workplace

Find out more about each of these offerings at the Individual Awareness Map workshops webpage, which details my corporate offerings.