Coaching Examples

Additional Coaching Examples

Karen’s coaching can help improve your work efforts…

  • Make career choices that nourish your soul
  • Develop communication and leadership skills that allow you to influence (not control) others;
  • Implement a vision you have for your organization, business or your life;
  • Move toward your career goals starting today;
  • Determine how your gifts can be turned into a small business;
  • Step into a career path that uses your unique gifts;
  • Create part-time or flexible work situations;
  • Establish support to provide guidance, resources and perspective in your work;
  • Discover clarity, confidence and energy in career transition or finding a new career;
  • Tap into sustainable sources of personal energy as a way to develop sustainable work and business;
  • Shift technology from being a burden to a way to ease your life.

Karen’s coaching can help improve your home environment…

  • Integrate work and family so that neither suffers and you thrive;
  • Establish financial goals and controls;
  • Organize the chaos that is causing you stress;

Karen’s coaching can help improve your life situation …

  • Break out of the box in which you confine yourself;
  • Learn interpersonal skills that create greater satisfaction in all relationships in your life, including your boss, employees, spouse, and children.
  • Resolve conflict and create raving fans;
  • Reset internal financial limits;
  • Create personal and professional strategies you can use and evolve well after the coaching conversation has ended;
  • Have more joy, energy and pleasure in your life.