Vital and Inspired Facilitation

Conducted either in-person or virtually , whole person facilitated meetings are known for enhancing learning and tapping into dormant potential. By tending to learning styles, all four aspects of intelligence, and much more, participants access the resources available within that is only possible in an accepting and life nurturing process.

Participants may experience:

  • The opportunity for authentic and honest participation rather than contrived or forced exercises.
  • Maximum freedom and maximum choice – and integrity in the process of seeking mature, empowered and growth inspiring work situations.
  • Facilitation that is non-evasive and subtle – serving you and the work at hand, not the ego needs of the facilitator.
  • Simple processes designed to allow ample space for learning, creativity and innovation.
  • Learning as a part of working and doing business.
  • Accessing the whole brain, intuition, masculine and feminine energies and multiple intelligences.
  • A life-nurturing, accepting and healthy environment that is too often not associated with work.
  • Opportunity for deep connection between participants including networking and teaching/learning relationships.