Welcome to KarenTax.com

My services and website are devoted to providing holistic strategies for your career, business, and life. The approaches I use for work and life are the same – what you learn in one applies to the other and vice versa.

Individuals come to me:

unhappy with who they’ve become;
with little time for their families;
in difficulty maintaining their energy and passion for work;
confused about next steps for their business and careers;
in a persistent state of not having enough time and money;
having forgotten what they are good at and what they love;
confused about what they want.

Organizations come to me wanting:

home-imgholistic approaches to business success – where people are more passionately engaged and alive;

leaders developed and synergized across organizations – where people take charge of their own life and career;

something different than what’s been done before – where actions and values are truly aligned;
processes that address the core of what is not working – where change is ongoing, not an event;
online career development – to support individual empowerment and organizational leadership.

The focus of my work includes:

    Career Coaching

  • Goal Setting
  • Career Path Evolution & Transitions

    Supportive Relationships

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community Development
  • Stress Relief

    Workplace Consulting

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership, Talent, Career
    and Organization Development

My strategies guide you back to a connection with ‘who you are’ at your core – individually, as a team, group, and organization.

My approaches draw inspiration from nature, so like a river you learn to flow from your center in everything you do, maintaining health and balance as you go.


I know that what the river says is what I need to hear: to know myself, to feel wild again, to confront my own limits and move beyond them into the untamed country on the other side. I will return here in spite of the river’s name; but I will never return the same again, and that, after all, is most clearly what the river says.

Jeff Wallach, What the River Says